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Why buy refubished?

There are many advantages to buying refurbished electronics from Refurbished.ca. So many, in fact, that we dedicated a whole page to the topic which you can find by clicking here.


How can your prices be so low?

J. Sonic owns and operates it's own fully vertically integrated refurbishing facility. We source the best products, we refurbish them ourselves and we sell direct. Without middlemen, we're able to pass all the savings on to our customers.


Do you ship to locations outside the province of Quebec?

No. Unfortunately, we only ship within Quebec to insure that our prices and the quality of our service both remain the best in the industry.

What does "Processing" mean?

Processing means your order will be ready 24-48 Hours after purchase. Typically your order will be ready the next business day for pick up.  You can always call to confirm your order by calling 514-341-5789 and ask for Richard. 95% of the time it is next business day, unless indicated with an email sent to your email adress to the left in the sign up section.

What does "Ready" mean?

It means your order is ready for pick up at the warehouse Monday - Friday 8:30am - 4:45pm or if you choose "Shipping" , then your item is ready to be shipped. Shipping usually is 5-7 days , but if everything checks out ok (Shipping/Billing Address, Paypal) then shipping will be shorter 2-3 days.

Que signifie " en traitement " ?

 Des moyens de traitement de votre commande sera prête 24-48 heures après l'achat . Typiquement votre commande sera prête le prochain jour ouvrable pour ramasser . Vous pouvez toujours appeler pour confirmer votre commande en appelant 514-341-5789 et demandez pour Richard . 95 % du temps, il est le jour ouvrable suivant , à moins d'indication avec un courriel envoyé à votre adresse email à gauche dans la section de l'inscription.

Why was my order cancelled?

J Sonic reserves the right to cancel any orders if considered fraudulent or too expensive to ship within Quebec. In the past when multiple items are purchased on the same invoice, a base price is generated within the ecommerce platform as single items. It does not take into account the added dimensions and weight of the multiple purchased items. When this occurs, orders sometimes get cancelled and the client always notified. We try to do our best to obtain a new freight rate for the purchases. We will contact you and explain the added costs; if you accept to proceed, we will create a new bill with the modified freight rate to the new invoice.

Pourquoi ma commande a été annulée ?

J Sonic se réserve le droit d'annuler toute commande frauduleuse ou si cela est jugé trop cher pour l'expédition dans Québec. Dans le passé, lorsque plusieurs articles sont achetés sur la même facture , un prix de base est généré au sein de la plate-forme de commerce électronique comme des éléments simples . Il ne prend pas en compte les dimensions et le poids ajoutés de multiples articles achetés . Lorsque cela se produit , les commandes sont parfois annulées et le client toujours avertis . Nous essayons de faire de notre mieux pour obtenir un nouveau taux de fret pour les achats . Nous prendrons contact avec vous et vous expliquera les coûts supplémentaires ; si vous acceptez de procéder , nous allons créer un nouveau projet de loi avec le taux de fret modifié pour la nouvelle facture.

I chose the "Pick-up" option on my latest purchase, where are you located and how do I get there?

Purchases made on Refurbished.ca can be picked up from J.Sonic Services Inc. at the following address: 6869 Henri-Bourassa west, St-Laurent QC, H4R 1E1 Canada.
Business hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:45pm*
Summer hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00am - 4:45pm, Friday 8:00am - 2:30pm*

*Unless specified on Homepage
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