LG 55EA9700 55IN 1080p 240Hz Smart WiFi Magic Remote 3D Curved OLED TV (Speaker system sold separately*)

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LG 55EA9700 55IN 1080p 240Hz Smart WiFi Magic Remote 3D Curved OLED TV (Speaker system sold separately*)

Prix normal : 3 999,99 $ PRIX PROMOTIONNEL : 2 199,99 $

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MODEL • Device : OLED • Screen Size (cm) : 55 : 139 • Resolution : FHD 1920 x1080 • BackLight Module : OLED VIDEO • Triple XD Engine : Yes • Resolution Upscaler (Plus/Basic) : Yes (Plus) • Dynamic Color Enhancer : Yes • Contrast Optimizer : Yes • Picture Mode : 7 modes (Vivid,Standard,Eco, Cinema,Game, isf Expert1,isf Expert2) • Picture Wizard II : Yes • (3D MPEG) Noise Reduction : Yes • Aspect Ratio : 8 modes ( 16:9, Just scan, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Cinema Zoom 1, Zoom) • AV Mode (Picture & Sound) : Yes (Off / Cinema / Game ) • Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching) 0% OverScan : Yes ( HDMI/Component/RF) 1080i / 1080p / 720p AUDIO • Dolby Digital Decoder : Yes (MS10) • DTS Decoder : Yes • Speaker System : Not Included • Audio Output (rms) : 10W+10W • Surround Sound : Ultra Surround • Clear Voice II : Yes • Sound Mode : 6 modes (Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game, User setting) • Smart Sound Mode : Yes • Sound Optimizer : 3 Modes • Optical Sound Sync : Yes (Optional) • Wireless Sound Sync (TV to LG Media Devices) : Yes LG CINEMA 3D • 3D Type (SG/FPR/AR/GPR/Non-Glass) : FPR • Supporting Format : S/S, T/B, C/B, F/S • Format Auto Detection : Yes • 3D Depth Control : Yes • 3D Viewpoint Control : -10~+10 (default : 0) • 3D Image Correction : Yes • 3D Sound Zooming : Yes • 3D Picture Mode : Yes • 3D USB Video format : S/S, T/B, C/B, Row interleaving, column interleaving, 2D to 3D • Dual Play : Yes • 3D to 2D Convert Source : Yes • 2D to 3D Convert Source : Yes • (2D to 3D) Depth Control : 0~+20 (default : 10) • (2D to 3D) Viewpoint Control : -10~+10 (default : 0) • (2D to 3D) Modes : 5 modes (Standard, Manual, Cinema, Sport, Extreme) LG SMART TV • Smart TV Platform : NetCast 4.0 • Wi-Fi (Built In/Optional) : Built IN • WiFi Direct : Yes • CPU : Dual Core • Magic Remote Built IN/ Optional : Built IN (MR13-Premium) • Magic Remote Modes : 4modes ( Pointing / Gesture/ Wheel/ Voice) • Voice recognition : Yes • Voice recognition - Language : US English • Voice recognition - Usage In : Search / Web browsing / SNS • Smart Phone Remote Controller (Remote App) : Yes • SmartHome : Yes • App Store : Yes • Premium Content : Yes • Game World : Yes • Full Web Browser : Yes • Social Center (Facebook, Twitter apps) : Yes • Media Link : Yes • TV Camera : VC500: In Packing with TV • Skype : Optional (TV Camera VC500 comes in packing with TV) • Hand Gesture : Optional (TV Camera VC500 comes in packing with TV) • TV Camera Usage Detail : Taking Picture/Save, Playing App, Skype, Motion Control • 3D World (Premium 3D Content and Movies) : Yes LG SMARTSHARE™ • DLNA : Yes • Smart Mobile Link(MHL) : Compatible • Miracast™ : Yes • 2nd Display : Yes • NFC Tag ON : Yes • Intel® WiDi : Yes • Network File Browser : Yes TIME MACHINE • Recording Input Modes : RF / Composite only • External HDD Recording Support : Yes • Recording Format (External Memory) : JFS • Internal Memory Recording : Yes (1. HD input - High Definition : 27"" -Normal: 2' 8"" 2. SD/Analog input -High Definition : 1' 42"" -Normal : 2' 51"") • Time Shift (On External HDD) : Yes • Watch & Record - (Items recordable when using Smart Functions) : Yes • Scheduled Recording : Yes USB • Divx (SD/HD) : DivX HD • Picture : JPEG • External Device App Download : Yes • Audio Codec : AC3(Dolby Digital), EAC3,HEAAC,AAC, Mpeg, MP3, PCM, DTS • Subtitle for DivX (Language) : 14 Language (English, French, Spanish, Portuquese, Italian, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Russian, Maori, Ukrainian, Kazakhstan, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic) SPECIAL • Motion Eco Sensor : Yes • Smart Energy Saving : Yes • Input Labeling : Yes • e-Manual : Yes • Simplink (HDMI CEC) : Yes • OSD Languages : EN/FR/TH/MA/IN/AR/RU/Kurd/Far/VN/SP/PO TERMINALS SIDE • HDMI1.4 : 4(V) • USB Ports [USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 ] : 3 [1(V) / 2(V)] TERMINALS REAR • RF In : Yes • Composite In (CVBS + Audio) : 1 (V, Gender) • Component In (Y,Pb,Pr + Audio) : 1 (V, Gender) • Digital Audio Out (Optical) : 1 (Optical) • LAN : 1 (V) • Headphone out : 1 (V) CABINET DESCRIPTION • Local Key Type : Micro Touch Control • LG Logo Lighting : Yes SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES • No of 3D Glasses : 2 Designer, 2 Clip ON Glasses • Magic Remote : Available (MR13-Premium) • Conventional Remote : Yes • Separate Accessory / Inpacking Camera : VC500: In Packing with TV • Resolution - Accessory/Inpacking Camera : 2 Mega Pixel POWER • Power Supply (Voltage, Hz) : 100~240Vac 50-60Hz • Power Consumption Standby Mode : 0.3W DIMENSIONS SET • Set Weight (w/ stand) Kg : 15.0 (estimated) • Set Weight (in Carton) Kg : 25 (estimated) • Set WxHxD (w stand) mm : 1227 x 798.5 x 192 • Set WxHxD (in carton) mm : 1329 x 900 x 291

*Speaker system sold separately CURVED OLED TV The world’s first curved screen by LG heralds a new paradigm of display shape and quality, leading a transition from the flat screen to the curved. The gently curved screen is the most optimal form for any display, providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes. Previous-modes of display have been restricted by technical constraints, and catered to the machine rather than the viewer. From the first round television sets to the flat screen displays, all have never attempted ergonomical design for human comfort. At last, with a shape that is most natural for comfortable and immersive viewing, a true human experience is made possible by LG OLED TV. LG's remarkably thin CURVED OLED TV opens up a whole new possibility of style and design with a depth of only 4.3mm thick at its thinnest point. The brilliant technology of OLED enables a simpler internal structure than conventional displays. With just two layers, the LG CURVED OLED TV is unbelievably lightweight and wafer-thin. LG’s 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel that modifies the conventional 3 colors and enhances both color range and accuracy. This considerably improves the OLED pixels’ ability to express the colors of reality, and represents a giant step ahead of conventional display. The 4 Color Pixel is LG’s unique innovation just for the next generation OLED TV. LG OLED TV has finally achieved perfect contrast, a realm previously unattainable by ordinary television. The independently lighted pixels do not require a common lamp or medium, and thus are completely independent from each other. This has enabled the pixels to control their own luminance, so true depth and tone can now be produced. Images are now as alive as life, since the contrast ratio is well beyond conventional measurement. The OLED TV is no longer restrained by the angle at which it is viewed, unlike previous devices that experience contrast loss from the sides, it shows incredibly consistent contrast from anywhere. On top . On top of this, LG OLED TV with its color refiner has virtually perfected the technology by ensuring no color distortions either. Enjoy perfectly wide viewing angle with no distortion of contrast or color with LG OLED TV, the perfect display all around LG OLED TV’s curved form enables innovation of design, and that is what is presented in this captivating yet minimalist stand. The transparent Crystal Stand is a novel achievement in design innovation, creating a delightful illusion of a floating screen. The screen, therefore, is not hindered by design, and nothing gets in the way of the immersive viewing experience. Cinema 3D : What's best in 2D,is also best in 3D. The combination of the finest picture quality and the most optimal shape of a CURVED SCREEN brings 3D entertainment to its zenith. Indulge in a 3D picture quality that features the immeasurable contrast and depth of an OLED display, from a screen that bends around your field of vision and immerses you deeply into your entertainment. Smart TV : The new Smart TV from LG lets you enjoy your favorite programs, premium content and preferred applications with the simple control of its innovative Magic Remote. Simply point, draws, speak, and share. Now that’s smart entertainment. The response speed of LG OLED TV is over one hundred times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes with completely blur-free, crystal-clear pictures. It is no longer restrained by the slow response rates and frame rates, and shows motion the way it is seen in real life. Don’t worry about the lack of 3D content - simply convert 2D to 3D! LG provides a remarkably advanced and convenient 3D conversion technology with greater 3D effects and depth control, so you can instantly convert any 2D content into surprisingly deep and realistic 3D. Meet a wider and ever-expanding 3D world of entertainment at the tip of your remote. LG’s 3D WORLD Card provides you with endlessly expanding 3D content, including movies, sports, music videos, educational clips, and more! Pointing, Wheel, Gesture, and Voice – the most convenient and advanced TV remote. Pointing: Just point and click--a smart remote for your smart tv. Wheel: Scroll up and down, zoom in and out with a wheel - just like using a computer mouse. Gesture: Make a simple gesture to perform complex commands, saving time. Voice: Speak to your Remote to find what you want. Browse and share files from external devices wirelessly on your large TV screen or watch TV on another smart device with LG Smart TV’s Smart Share. LG introduces a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. Enjoy any content without constraint.

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