(NEW) SONY CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi iPod dock, USB and Radio

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(NEW) SONY CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi iPod dock, USB and Radio

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   This Product is NEW


     Experience sound at an incredible value with the compact Sony CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System. Enjoy listening to AM/FM radio, playing your audio CDs or MP3 CDs, or dock your iPod® or iPod touch® to listen to your favorite music. The Sony CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System also lets you connect other audio sources, such as PCs, MP3 players and more with the audio-in feature. The clock, alarm and sleep timer functions allows you to wake or fall asleep to your favorite music. And the Sony CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi Shelf System includes a Remote Control with iPod® playlist navigation and other basic functions.

What It Is and Why You Need It:
  • Charges your iPod as it plays. Enjoy and control your music without interruption.
  • Single Disc CD Playback of Audio or MP3 files on CD or CD-R/RW Media
  • Connect other audio sources, PCs, MP3 players and more with the audio-in feature
  • AM / FM Radio with 30-station presets
  • Built in Clock with sleep timer & alarm; wake/sleep to your music
  • Remote control with full iPod menu control
  • EQ and DSGX Bass Boost

This product is NEW

CMT-FX300i Micro Hi-Fi iPod dock

All-in-one entry Hi-Fi system with iPod dock, USB playback and radio
2 x 5W RMS, iPod, USB, CD, FM/AM tuner, Audio in, remote control
·         Play your iTunes music in great sound quality
·         Easily connect other MP3 devices via USB
·         FM / AM tuner for more listening choice
·         iPod dock - Playback your favorite iTunes tracks in incredible Sony sound quality with this space-saving Micro system with built-in iPod dock
·         USB - USB playback for MP3 tracks, from a USB memory stick or other digital media device
·         Easy key layout - Enjoy simple menu functions with an easy to use key layout, plus remote control for operating freedom
·         Stereo sound quality - Superior sound quality with 50W RMS output and a 2-way speaker system
·         Audio in - Connect your digital music player and play MP3s at full volume in great sound quality (cable supplied)
·         FM tuner - Built-in FM tuner for more listening choice

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