Samsung MMC550D Micro DVD/MP3/USB/IPOD Stereo System

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Samsung MMC550D Micro DVD/MP3/USB/IPOD Stereo System

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MP3 Enhancer

Let the Samsung MMC-550’s crystal-clear sea of sound carry you away. Compressed Music Enhancer is a popular feature that restores the sound of the original music from digitally compressed formats such as MP3. This provides more accurate reproduction and a more expansive sound.

HDMI™ Output
HDMI™ output makes connecting easy! HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) enables you to connect your HD video and audio with one simple cable producing the highest quality available.
USB Host Play with CD Ripping
USB Host Play function enables various multimedia files to be played without the need for a PC, including DivX®, MP3, and JPEGs. The CD ripping feature extracts music from CD’s and copies them to a supported USB device in MP3 format.
iPod Docking Cradle
Enjoy music from your iPod on your audio system with the included iPod docking cradle. You can simultaneously charge your device while listening to your favourite tunes.



·         80Watts + 80Watts+120Watts RMS (THD10%)
·         Dimmer/Demo Amp available
·         LED Display
·         EQ (5 Modes)
·         S. Bass available
·         Timer / Clock / Sleep
·         Amp Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz
·         FM Tuner available
·         0.3% (THD (Mono))
·         0.5% (THD (Stereo))
·         15 (Presets)
Physical Specification
·         230 x 96 x 240mm Net Dimension (Set)
·         135 x 262 x 200mm Net Dimension (Front Speaker, 1-Piece))
·         185X 296 x 205mm Net Dimension (Woofer Speaker, 1-Piece))
·         2.6kg Net Weight (Set)
·         AUX available
·         3.5 PHI (Headphone Out)
·         Composite available
·         HDMI available
·         i-Pod Connection available
·         2.1Ch Speaker System
·         8Ω (SubWoofer 4Ω) Impedance (OHM)
·         1 DVD CDP Type
·         MP3-CD, WMA, CD-R/CD-RW,DVD,Dvix available
·         CD / DVDP (Repeat / Skip / Search) available
·         CD / DVDP (Repeat a ↔ b) available
·         MP3 Decoder available
·         VCD available
Remote Control Key Number
·         60 Keys Remote Control

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